Robert's fight with RSD (Reflex Sympathtic Dystrophy)

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My daily life with RSD

I have burning pain in my feet, hands, forearms, spine, and head is excruciating. This does not stop it's 24/7. 

I have severe tremors of my arms and legs which cause my body be in more pain.

My body feels like someone poured gas on it and lit a match

I have severe headaches, Imagine your worst migraine...multiply that by 100 ...these can last DAYS!!!

There are days that I lay in darkness because the littlest light even from a window sends sharp, burning pains into my eyes

Imagine not being able to kiss your child or hold them because the pain is too much

You remember the scared look your spouce or child's face because your foot or hand changed color for the first time....and it's dark shades of purple and blue

I choke on medication, water and food daily...not because I want to but my esophagus closes on it

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