Robert's fight with RSD (Reflex Sympathtic Dystrophy)

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                                                                           My family in 2006(photo) 

    I am so tired...of the pain that never stops,the burning fire, deep within my muscles,my body, my hands shake all the time from tremors, my fingers can't straighten out anymore, I can no longer paint or do artwork, something that always brought me joy.I struggle to walk most days because my feet and toes curl in. I am sick of feeling like someone is ripping my spinal cord out of my body,then plucking it like a string of a harp.  I have the feeling of knives being driven deep into my lower back and the pain is taking my breathe away, I lay in bed not resting but crying because the sheet on the bed touches my skin and it sends shocks and jolts of electric type pain through my entire body. I sleep a few hours maybe, a full 6-8 hours of sleep is something I lost because of RSD 8 years ago. My lungs hurt so much to take a breathe but the RSD...makes them burn all the time, so bad I want to claw my chest open to stop the FIRE!!!! I am losing my fight to a disease I never wanted or asked God for.......this is one one day of my RSD LIFE............  


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